As some of you will already know I am OBSESSED with eventing – sometimes quite unhealthily and I have made the somewhat tentative decision to harness that obsession… After a lot of soul searching and a bit of a slap from my business mentor I am heading in much more of a purposeful direction with both my business and my blogging.


I have struggled hugely with ‘fitting’. I have never really understood where I sit in terms of who I am, what I love or what I should ‘be’ but it is slowly all getting much more clear.

Far from being a super stylish, super amazing Country Style Blogger like Harriet Lily or McClounie & Armstrong (two of my favourites), I don’t have the style or authority that people would want to follow. However, I do know my Eventing and I absolutely live and breathe it. So if you would like to keep up with the very latest in eventing lifestyle, be that the wonderful horses, the uber talented jockeys, the innovative ERM (Event Rider Masters), the brands and incredible people who come along to event after event selling their GORGEOUS wares, the events themselves or the locations in which they are set, then I would LOVE you to come for the ride with me.


And the reason I am disclosing this… I need to be accountable to you all. I need you to tell me when I haven’t blogged enough, or if I’ve written about something you are not interested in, tell me, tell me what you want to hear about and I’ll dig as deep as I can into the backstage world of the Eventing Scene both in the UK and on occasion abroad too..!


I can only grow and get better for you lot and I really really want to do that… Exciting times… I hope!!