Social Media, Websites, Press Releases, E-Newsletters and Blogs are all effective methods of communicating with your target audience.

Together we can develop a comprehensive plan to ensure your message is being heard by the right people, at the right time in the right way.


Do you long for a Soulful Social Media plan that will fit in with your life AND serve your business?

Working closely together, we will develop an effective, on-brand social media plan that not only works for your business but also fits in with your life.

Too much time is spent by business owners worrying about their Social Media presence; “Am I posting enough? Am I saying the right things? When should I be posting?”

I can help you to formulate a simple-to-execute plan that will get you the results you’re wanting from your social media without causing you any extra stress.

Guiding you through platform insights, optimising paid-for advertising campaigns, how and when to post on which platforms to get the most exposure, scheduling, engagement and content production – I can be on-hand to help you with all aspects of your social media use. 

We can catch up as often as suits you and your budgets – once a month, once a week or I can even be on hand daily to re-assure or advise you.



When was the last time you had a holiday or break from your social media?

As a freelancer I know only too well how difficult it is to switch off from my business, even when I’m away.

Consistency is important when producing an effective social media presence and I can offer you the reassurance that your social media posts will remain regular and effective even when you are away.

By getting to the heart of your brand, understanding your message and uncovering what you’re aiming to achieve, I can provide Social Media Cover for your accounts. You can switch off, safe in the knowledge that your brand story is being effectively communicated, your products or services are being authentically promoted, your audience is growing and your engagement levels are increasing.




In a world where Mark Zuckerberg owns the most popular Social Media platforms, email and website marketing have become more important than ever.

Have you ever asked yourself how you would communicate with your target audience if Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest disappeared overnight? 

I can answer that question for you…  You would use your email list full of potential customers, wouldn’t you?

People check their emails every single day. What could be better than delivering your message directly into their inbox – they don’t have to come looking for you, you’re there already, right in front of them. Working together we can develop a strategy that will increase your audience, serve them well, nurture their trust in your business and convert those carefully curated relationships into sales.

Did you know: 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through emails than via Social Media and that 66% of consumers have purchased something directly from an email. We can work together to make the most of those figures for your business.

I can help you grow an authentic email-database and produce & deliver an effective E-Marketing plan that will drive sales, increase your audience and promote your business and best of all, it will be completely controlled by you.



Social Media, whilst one of the most effective methods of showcasing your brand, is simply an initial handshake offering the invitation to continue the conversation somewhere else… And that somewhere else should be your website – a platform completely controlled by you.


Do you have your own website? If so, when was the last time that website was shown some love? It is the one place that you have complete control over your brand message. I can help you create fully search engine optimised,  engaging, effective, on-brand web-copy to increase, captivate, engage and entertain your audience – driving sales and promoting your business.



Did you know that blogging is one of THE most effective methods of highlighting that you are an expert in your field and who do you think consumers choose to invest their hard-earned cash with? You’ve got it, experts in their fields.

As well as providing a platform online, that belongs solely to you, your blog can to be used to impart your knowledge, interests and opinions to your audience – this platform will also help your website to perform more successfully by improving search engine optimisation whilst keeping your content fresh and fluid, both helping your Google rankings! 

Together, we can develop a successful, easy to execute blogging schedule that will inform, entertain and build trust with your audience. Whether you would like me to manage your blog for you or simply hold your hand while you become a blogging master, we can develop a bespoke package that serves both you and your business.