I'm going to assume that the very fact you are reading this means you know how important having an effective online strategy is when running a successful business . But where do you start?


Born from a need to help as many people navigate their digital media presences as possible, this series of 10 affordable, online workshops will guide you through the creation &/or development of your brand's online presence.

Bitesize chunks - There is no getting away from it, online marketing can be a big job and it's often difficult to know where to start. Breaking it down into 10 manageable, interactive chunks, we will give each digital marketing element it's own space and you the time to focus on it.

Community over competition - Each workshop is hosted on Zoom where a team of like-minded people looking for answers to the same questions will meet screen to screen. There will even be lifetime access to a private facebook group for you to carry on the support, action and conversation too.

Interactive action - With a worksheet full of actionable steps per workshop, accountability check-ins and tasks to complete during the sessions, action is at the heart of this series. 


Emily is a digital media GENIUS! 


I recently won a competition that included a 1:1 session with Em & I came away from that zoom call with butterflies! I felt so positive, motivated, focussed and confident! She helped me discuss ideas, methods and processes of achieving the things I want to do with my new business. I can’t thank her enough! I’d recommend her all day long.


Brownen Lutz - Partridge and Peony


are perfect for you if...

  • You KNOW that a strong digital presence is vital for your business - but you don't know where to start.

  • You have a tight budget but want to transform your digital marketing strategy.

  • You are sick of hearing the same old, ineffective, impractical, impossible to apply rubbish about online marketing


        the workshops work...

Each workshop in the series is stand alone and focuses on one essential digital marketing element - join all 10 and you will have gained the confidence, knowledge and skills to create and nurture an online presence that not only works for your brand but for your life too!

Hosted on Zoom at 10.30am on the first Monday of every month, the workshops will be available to join live (so much value) and will be recorded so if you can't make the session you can watch it at a time that suits you.


Tickets will be available online at £35 each (if you'd like to join more than 2 ping me a message and I'll send you a little discount code).




For every workshop you join there will be the chance to take part in an additional bespoke 1:1 support session to help you apply what you've learned to YOUR business.

These sessions are £125 each and can be booked anytime in the 7 days that follow the workshop.