Media Mentoring

Providing you and your value-led business with the tools you need to create and implement your own sustainable social & digital media strategies, together we will encourage sales and work towards your goals in a way that works for YOU and your business.

The world of Digital Media can be a very loud and murky one to wade through on your own. With everyone insisting you must do  ALL of the things ALL of the time to be successful, promoting your business your way can be hugely overwhelming. 


Together we will re-discover your “why” and formulate a sustainable, effective and simple-to-implement digital and social media plan that will bring you the results you want all the while fitting with your life outside of your business - I promise - that is a thing, trust me!

Social + Digital Media Mentor?



     is perfect for you if:


  • You KNOW you what you should be doing online but you lack accountability.

  • You have TIME carved out in your week/month/year to do the things, you just need an injection of expertise

  • Your BRAND MESSAGING has to come from you and only you, you’re just not sure where to start.


        we will work together... 

First things first we will chat via Zoom or stay old school and use the phone, to find out if we are a good fit for each other.


Assuming we are, together we will work through either my Digital Media Mastered or Soulful Social course at a pace that suits you or we will book a Soulful Social Day and give your digital media presence the intense injection of expertise it needs in just one day!

If you would like an expert  hand to hold as you navigate your way through the murky Digital Marketing waters while you develop an effective and sustainable digital and social strategy.

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I am so pleased you would like to explore us working together to inject your digital media presence with some sustainable intention. Please send me an email using the link below and before you know it we will be jumping on a Zoom call to see if we might make a good team.


Are you ready to improve your digital media presence? Because I am..!