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As a small business owner your time is your most precious asset and believe me, I get it! 

BUT, the words you use to communicate your brand’s identity are also precious. Vital in captivating your customers, building all important relationships and encouraging them to purchase your product or service, your words count!

Press releases

Digital & print articles

Wording for packaging



           -for-you engaging, effective and on-brand copy to drive sales, increase engagement and promote your business. All InkPot copywriting packages are entirely tailored to tell YOUR story and promote YOUR business and can include any or all of the below:

Blog posts

Website copy

Email marketing

Social media captions

        is perfect for you if:

  • You know what you need to do when it comes to your copy but struggle for the time to do it.

  • You stare for hours at a blank page looking for inspiration but it doesn’t seem to come.

  • You know you have a story in there somewhere, you just aren’t quite sure how to tell it.



   it works...

Each new client (or campaign for existing clients) benefits from a 45-minute planning session either online or, if you are local, I LOVE an excuse for a coffee & a slice of cake!


During our chat we will delve into your brand story and discuss what you would like to achieve with the copy I will create for you.


Available as a regular member of your team or on a campaign or piece by piece basis - I will create copy that enthralls, engages and converts your target audience, one word at a time. 


   it will cost

Done-for-you copywriting and storytelling is available from £75.

I am so pleased you would like to explore us working together to inject your digital media presence with some sustainable intention. Please send me an email using the link below and before you know it we will be jumping on a Zoom call to see if we might make a good team.


Are you ready to improve your digital media presence? Because I am..!