Are you tired of spending wasted hours (you can't afford to spend) staring at blank pages longing for the words that will encourage your ideal customers and clients to buy to appear? You are not alone!

I know how hard it can be to hand over any part of your business baby to someone else (Canva was my best friend for years...) but we both know your time is best spent coaching your clients right? So what about having me in your copywriting corner? 

From social media captions & email campaign creation to website copy, SEO sales pages and every word for your latest product or service launch - let me take your copy from underperforming to THE hardest working member of your team. 

"With her intense passion for our brand, Em created a voice that spoke perfectly to our humble yet quality driven products, and created the perfect level of friendly, informative and helpful in our voice.

Shaping all of our future communications on social, emails, website and more, Em's copywriting is integral to our continually rising sales.

Emily's real key is completely and wholly understanding a brand's USP and helping to shape their vision of the future whilst nurturing a loyal (and profitable) community with her words."

Melanie Clarihew - Mackenzie & George


from £549

Name one thing that is harder to write than an instagram caption... go on, I'll wait!

What if I said you could have all of your caption creation time back to spend with the people you love the most, doing the things that set your soul on fire..? It's the dream, huh?!

Creating scroll stopping captions that take your social audience from casual observer to repeat customer, your social media copy will effortlessly capture and convert your dream audience, in your own voice, over and over again. 

With a focus on effortlessly selling your products or services whilst getting you seen & heard above the noise on busy social feeds, your captions can (& will) sell your shizzle 24/7 so you don't have to. 

From Insta captions to story headlines & persuasive ad copy to Pinterest pin wording, I've got you covered.

Bespoke packages available to include all or any of:

  • Bio optimisation

  • Post captions - grid, reels, carousels, IGTV, guides

  • Story copy

  • Ad wording

IMG_6399 2.JPG


from £199

Are you guilty of ghosting your subscribers? Or has

building an email list has been on your to do's FOREVER? 

Would you like to get it ticked off right now..?


Email marketing is one of the most powerful selling tools available to EVERY kind of business & with my help, you can harness your inbox invitations and build lasting profitable relationships every time you do.


Working alongside the incredible email marketing expert Louise Maidment, together we create email sequences that sell over and over again. 


Offering everything from embedding sign up forms on to your website, writing automated welcome & puirchase sequences and creating comprehensive sell-out launch email campaigns to sorting your audience segmentations so that every email sells, we can do it all.


Working with you to create impactful email campaigns we will keep you front and centre in the minds of your ideal customers & clients! 

Bespoke packages available to include all or any of:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly emails

  • Welcome email sequences

  • Nurture email sequences

  • Lead magnets

  • Automations

Sound good?

WEBSITE COPY from £1250 (SEO copy for 3 pages)

Want a website full to the brim of words that earn you money?


I don't just write them. I research, strategise, test and optimise each one to ensure together they speak directly to your ideal customers and clients from the minute they land on the page.


By utilising SEO strategy, extensive audience research, client psychology and copy theory, I'll create you compelling copy that converts.


Whether it's a website launch, webpage re-write or product description re-fresh, let me use your voice to take your ideal customers on their journey from "aware to in-need" without them ever having to leave your site.



from £349

There is nothing worse than launching your new products or service and it not selling - right?

What if I told you we could get your payment app pinging using just one page of your website?

Your sales page is THE best chance you have to explain what your products and services can do for your ideal audience. If you want to make sure they grab (and keep) your customers' attention, let a professional copywriter (ME) write them for you.


You'd much rather be spending your time doing the fun bits like sketching or sourcing new products or designing new packages wouldn't you?!



from £549

Sleepless nights spent agonising over whether people will buy your thing are hard enough without wondering if your copy is up to scratch.

With everything from launch specific social media copy to comprehensive email campaigns & popping product descriptions to solid service sales pages, we can work together to develop a bespoke campaign copy package that will give you the time to enjoy the fun bits!

Did you begin your business so you could spend your time writing social captions, emails or webpages?

I didn't think so... but here's the thing - I DID!

Wouldn't you rather your time was spent doing the best bits of launching - like stamping your sales chart and buying the sell-out, celebration champagne - with me on board you're going to be needing it!

Bespoke packages available to include all or any of:

  • Sales pages

  • Social media captions - grid, reels, carousels, IGTV, guides & story copy

  • Lead magnets

  • Launch email sequences

  • Welcome email sequences




Whilst I am hyper aware that no business is the same and copy and paste definitely doesn't exist over here, my words always works best when my epic clients take a holistic approach and have them running across all of their communication.


If you would like to keep the sales rolling in, let's talk about a complete biscuit tin package (because let's face it - who can bare to choose between the milk chocolate truffle and the Viennese finger?!)


So, if you fancy an all-round approach that  involves me covering every one of your words -  my inbox is ALWAYS open.

Are you ready to up your income? Because I am..!


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