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With the continued rise of influencer marketing, it is crucial for brands to keep pace, however the world of influencing can be an overwhelming and intimidating place if you don’t know how to manage it.

With an emphasis on maximising your ROI, I will work with you to demystify, optimise and enhance your Influencer relationships.

Helping you to understand who, how and why you should partner with each individual influencer, we will work together to weed out the “not so goods” and build a trustworthy, valuable and loyal team of social media stars. Managing this team I will ensure that they create awareness of your brand, provide you with high- quality, rights-free creative content and ultimately lead to all important sales.

The best influencer campaigns are those which integrate into your own social media strategy. I fully understand that, as well as partnering with influencers who provide a ‘good fit’ for your business, there is an increasing pressure for those influencers to be heard above the current social media noise and in doing so show a measurable return on your investment. By aiding your existing team in creating and implementing a fully comprehensive social media presence we will deliver meaningful and creative campaigns that will show case your brand and lead to direct sales for your business.

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Influencing Explained

“A one-day course focussing on building successful relationships between brands & influencers”

Understanding that perhaps the first step isn’t always a promotional campaign but that how to integrate successful influencer marketing on social media into your marketing activity often is. Travelling to a venue to suit you, I will deliver a one-day course to you, your staff and any existing influencers on just that!

Neither influencer activity nor social media output can stand on their own. They need to be carefully intertwined with a strong digital presence, your brand story and authenticity. I will guide your team through everything from who, how and when to include influencer marketing in your promotional activities to how to decide who is a good fit for your business and how to ensure you see a good return on your brand investment into them.

I offer half-day sessions or full day courses (with lunch) to help your staff fully grasp the wonderful world of influencer marketing. I understand that companies want to get to grips with their own influencer campaigns rather than always outsourcing and so my one-day course serves to help empower in-house departments, giving them the confidence to directly manage your team of influencers.

How it works:

First things first is our 30 minute discovery call. Getting to the heart of your business is my thing & by chatting through what makes you tick & the aims you have for us working together before we meet, I can develop a tailor-made, bespoke day just for you.

The day itself:

Travelling to your brand HQ or a beautiful space near you, I will deliver a one day intensive session on the science behind influencer marketing.

Suitable for a single person, your whole team and the influencers you currently use, this day is designed to de-mystify, educate and celebrate the influencing sector.

I will help you to:

Work out who, how and when to include influencer marketing in your promotional activities,.

Decide who is a good fit for your brand.

Learn what makes a ‘good’ influencer & what to avoid when looking at starting brand relationships.

Ensure you know how to ensure a good return on your brand investment into them.

Study and develop any existing relationships you have and put together a comprehensive plan to maximise any ROI for your influencer campaigns.

You will also get:

  • Unlimited access to me via email and WhatsApp for 30 days (and beyond) after our day together. I will be available to offer advice to both you and your influencers on how to maximise individual campaign coverage as well as individual brand/influencer relationships.
  • Lunch, snacks, bubbles & hot drinks.
  • A 30 minute follow-up call two weeks into your new strategic plan to help keep you on the right track.
  • An exclusive discount for any subsequent days we spend together as well as any on-going support you may like from me.

Your Investment:

Total value of this package – £1250


Your investment in our day together will be just £650

(Shorter days and payment plans are always available – just pop me a message or email to discuss).

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