Beautiful businesses exist all around us…

Your local Artisan Baker, a creative Garden Designer, an inspirational Festival Organiser or the seller of beautiful things, there are no boundaries…

I would love to give you all an insight into the beautiful brains & businesses that I stumble across as I wander through my lovely little life…

… I’m pretty sure everyone will agree that this next business is built on beautiful products. Launched in January 2016 by Alicia Leonard, EvoEquine was set up to create evolutionary equine products. Refusing to innovate for the sake of innovation, Alicia responds to what she thinks horses and owners need whilst keeping things fun and super stylish. I mean, who wouldn’t want a set of rainbow stirrups in their life??


EvoEquine Noble Bridle

I sent Alicia the following headings and simply asked her to jot down what they inspired her to write… no guidelines, simply her thoughts and feelings & I here is what she said…


Everything around me! I always keep an open mind and am constantly on the look out for new ways to do things. I try to stay very aware of what other industries are doing and try not to get too wrapped up in the equestrian bubble. After all, great things come from outside of your comfort zone.


This life doesn’t last forever… Grim perhaps, to always be thinking of the end, but it’s the reality. We really cannot afford to waste a single second. I spent a lot of years doing jobs I didn’t want to do and I will never go back. Life is just too short not to be motivated.


I am a very all or nothing person. If I want something, I will stop at nothing to get it. (It took me months to work out how to get Rainbow bits for example, but I didn’t stop and it was worth it.) Now however the Rainbow Gloss madness inside me has subsided a little bit it’s all about YouTube and video! There are so many fantastic YouTube channels out there, some I can watch for far too long. There doesn’t however seem to be much equestrian content on YouTube at the moment especially in comparison to other industries. So, tri-pod has been purchased, YouTube channel set up and filming has begun. Watch this space 😀


EvoEquine is in a weird place in the market, and I love that! We’re very serious about equine comfort and spend a lot of time researching, designing and developing bridles that work for the horse, not against. On the other hand, we’re very light hearted and fun and never take life too seriously, something I hope that is reflected in the Rainbow Gloss collection. We’re a tiny business at the moment having only been up and running for just over 18 months, but we have a fantastically diverse customer base due to the contrasting range of products.


As above, we’re a bit of a “weird” business with our priorities firmly remaining in equine comfort all whilst we dazzle the market with with our Rainbow Gloss. The contrast of the two is something that makes us really quite different.


In the next few months we’re aiming to become a truly global company as we work with retailers around the world. Our product line will be expanding too, both by increasing our range of technical comfort bridles and adding more lines to our wonderful whacky products!


If you would like to find out more about the beautiful business that is EvoEquine Ltd, here are the details you need:
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