Beautiful businesses exist all around us…

Your local artisan baker, a creative garden designer, an inspirational events organiser or the seller of beautiful things, there are no boundaries.

I would like to give you all an insight into the beautiful brains and brands that I stumble across as I wander through my lovely little life…

Having recently moved her business in a slightly different direction, country PR guru and all round lovely lady, Rhea Freeman is enjoying her life as a small business coach and PR consultant. After being a “coachling” of hers for almost a year, I decided to delve a little deeper into what motivates her to keep striving for bigger and better things for both herself and the people she makes such a difference to…


I get inspiration from all around me. I started doing what I do because I could see the opportunities being missed for brands with amazing products and small budgets, and as I progressed in my career, I realised that there was actually another way to help people. I ADORE working with my coaching clients and get incredibly inspired but what they’re working on and what they’re achieving… through sheer determination as well as careful planning. And don’t even get my started on Small & Supercharged and particularly VIP. What the group members are achieving individually and how they’re helping each other is a HUGE inspiration. I do also read an obscene amount of business books and listen to a ridiculous quantity of podcasts. I get a lot of inspiration from these too.


What motivates me? There’s quite a lot. I’m fiercely competitive, but with myself more than anything else, and I am always striving to be better. I’m also motivated to be this for my clients, because the more I learn, the more I test things, the greater service I can be. I also want to be an example for my children. I want them to realise that anything is possible if you work hard enough.


What makes me tick? A desire to work with and influence (in a positive way!) as many people as I can. I genuinely get a kick (and quite a sizeable one) out of client successes. Seeing the achievements in VIP and with my one to one and PR clients makes me tick in a big way. The other side of my life, which isn’t quite so work dominated (!), it would have to be my two children. I have twin boys and they are incredible. They’re hard work but they are so, so fun and funny and watching them grow, develop, smash up the house, learn new things and throw food is definitely captivating.


When I took a side step into coaching, I pitched my services to all small businesses. And although what I offer will work for all small businesses (and has, I’ve worked with food producers and wedding businesses too!), most of my clients are equestrian, country or canine… even if they have a link to these places but their business isn’t ‘properly’ in these industries. I was initially an equestrian PR and marketing person and although I do still do this work for a couple of clients, coaching is definitely where the majority of my work is now. And I really love it.


I think I am pretty different. I have never been your average PR. Why? I don’t know. I’m very straight talking and that’s not something you usually associate with PR people, and I also think around issues… I don’t really accept the something can’t be done – there’s usually a way (often more) and finding that is my thing! The new direction of my business now is quite different to what’s available in the industry. I mean, there are business coaches all over the place, but I think my experience is unique. Self employed to in house to self employed again. I’ve worked for some HUGE brands in agri, equestrian, country and canine and really enjoyed it all. I also have a worryingly good knowledge of rodenticides due to my work with agri clients…


I want to continue to help support small business owners, but honestly see VIP and my one to one coaching clients coming from the equestrian, canine and rural industries because I’m known there and easy to find! I’m looking to run a ‘VIP Live’ event with workshops and cake (and other stuff) and some point too. I guess I want to carry on offering my clients the support and guidance that they need that can really make a big difference to their businesses.




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