As a freelancer, I understand that your business is entirely entwined with your everyday life. Believe me, I get it. I know just how much your work means to you and because of that, getting to the heart of your brand is my thing, there are no one size fits all strategies over here. Exploring the whole of your story, I will take the time to understand why you do what you do and what you want to achieve for yourself and your business.


I fully believe that people buy from people, whether they are looking to invest in a service, product or event. Through compelling copy and a carefully curated social and digital media strategy, I can help you to tell your story, and with it the story of your brand, no ickiness insight...

I am a multi-passionate, countryside-dwelling, English graduate who has combined my passion for words, value-led brands and the great outdoors to create a business that allows me to help ambitious people create and maintain intentional digital presences.



She would be super in-tune with the here and now but with half an eye on the future. She would work hard, love hard and be fiercely ambitious. She would be confident but in-tune and would pride herself on her ability to read the room. Building a relationship with you would be at the  top of her priority list, just below supporting you in making your business dreams come true. She would forever be in your corner.  

who would she be?

Who is Em?


if not, would you like it to be?

Being a value-led business means just that - your decisions are led by your values. Putting your customers before yourself, not wavering on your focus on environmental impact, insisting everything you sell is handcrafted or British-made - all mean you run a value-led business.


Who you are and what you stand for is 100% your business’ super power - I can help you to authentically unlock those powers, channelling them towards your version of success, without compromising on their roots.


Have you always longed to bridge the gap between an intentional effective business and one that feels organic & lovely? Me too. Having spent time organically building my online intentional business and having supported lots of amazing people in building theirs, I would love to help more wonderful, value-led business owners, just like you, to do the same...

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If you are looking for someone to write you engaging, effective, on-brand copy or wanting a hand to hold when it comes to your social and digital media presence, then I could be your girl.