A work in progress…

A work in progress…

I have never been very good at describing who or what I am, my beliefs have always remained quite private and my confident exterior has always hidden a very nervous little girl… That was all until I had the quite insane idea that I should work for myself under the guise of a very small company called InkPot & Press Media Services Ltd. Someone once said to me “If you find something you are passionate about and you can make a living from it, you will never have to work again …”  I am learning everyday, enjoying every minute and being grateful for every second that I get to play & I fully intend to never work another day in my life!

For those of you reading this who may not ever have met me and for those of you who have but want to know a little more about me and my little country life I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and to give you a little insight into who I am…

What makes me tick:
Damian – my perfectly flawed, gorgeously loyal, amazingly supportive husband, without whom I could not be doing what I love with the freedom that I have. Taking the leap to self-employment almost four years ago, Damian runs his own company, Springwood Tree Services Ltd. Contracting for Ground Control, a huge utilities company & working regularly for an array of domestic and commercial clients, he works harder than most people I know. I am not one for soppy out-pourings of affection but I would absolutely be lost without him and his lovely aroma of petrol and wood chip…

– our unbelievably beautiful boy (I’m still not sure how the two of us created such a perfect little human being). He is my total inspiration and the reason I try so hard in everything I do. Intelligent, caring, sensitive, strong, witty and amazing, he makes a difficult job very easy – I really couldn’t ask for more (although when we argue it is like bickering with a smaller, more beautiful version of myself – pretty tricky!).

 – our mental, upside down, neurotic 10 year old black Labrador. Unable to sit still for more than 5 minutes with an inexplicable fear of the dishwasher she drives us all slightly crackers but we love her more than words can describe.


The Horses:
Archie (Billymart’s Versace)  – my very first proper one with a name no-one could pronounce. He is a 24 year old retired TB x  who owes me nothing and taught me everything. Currently enjoying a life of luxury babysitting the youngster in ways that only a really naughty grandparent would…
Pea (Erox) – an 8 year old grey belonging to, soon to-be 4* event rider, James Sommerville & myself. He keeps me sane and reminds me why I get up at the crack of dawn before the rest of my world stirs each morning.
Pip (Chantilly Pippa) – a rising 4 year old little princess with a heart of gold and a glint in her eye. Bought to produce myself, she’s already gotten the better of me once and been sent off to bootcamp (I can’t recommend Dan Megson highly enough if you have a naughty baby who needs to learn that life isn’t all bucking, bolting and binging on food!)

InkPot & Press Media Services 
Pretty much does what it says on the tin – Copywriting, PR and Social Media with the odd little bit of event and point to point grooming, general handholding and some tree surgery admin thrown in…

I pinch myself more or less everyday when I think about the list of amazing clients I have right now. I never dreamed that less than year after I took the leap into self-employment I would be working for such an amazing group of inspirational people and innovative businesses.

Having spent almost 3 years working for the fast-thinking, forward-moving International Event Organisers, Bede Events Ltd, organising some of the biggest and best International events in the UK, I learned more than I could have hoped to in a life-time. Offering me the opportunity to work in an industry that I always thought was so out of reach for a little country bumpkin like me, the team at Bede threw me in at the very deep end. I loved my job, worked a little too hard at it and gained some of the most special friendships I have but leaving was the very best thing that I have ever done. I can’t thank Bede enough for the experience they gave me, the skills I developed and the strength I gained – all of which enable me to do what I do today.

I also couldn’t do what I do without the support of some amazing people. Apart from my unconditionally supportive family, there are a couple of very special people continually keeping me moving forward in the right direction. The wonderful business coach and mentor extraordinaire Rhea Freeman PR  has genuinely revolutionised my thinking and helped me to begin to believe I can achieve things and my gorgeous friend Becky Crosbie-Starling of Clifton Equestrian. Becky doesn’t know it but her and her amazing team of eventers, pointers and show horses are so good for my soul, they manage to keep me the right side of sane. (This is starting to sound a little like an Oscar acceptance speech – and I KNOW that one of those is out of my reach..!)

Popping to Portugal

Popping to Portugal

Last week, I was lucky enough to be flown out to Portugal to see my incredibly lovely, incredibly successful new clients, Riverlodge Equestrian, at their fabulous Winter base in Golegã, just an hour North of the Country’s capital, Lisbon.

Firstly… what a place! I would strongly suggest that any one with even the slightest interest in equestrianism go there immediately..! Known worldwide as the “Capital do Cavalo” – the City of the Horse, Golegã is just that. As you enter the town, the main roundabout is decorated with the brands of local studs, and there are wrought-iron statues of horses and riders everywhere you look.

There are horses in every ‘nook and cranny’, throughout the years the town’s Mayors have invested thousands into building top class equestrian facilities including, not one but two, huge public indoor arenas and it isn’t strange to see the coffee shops around the main square bursting with jodhpur clad jockeys.

The facilities themselves are mind-blowing. The town is centred around a full-sized public outdoor arena and canter track. Fully floodlit, with ‘preparation stalls’ at one end and a judges box/viewing area at the other it is more than I could ever dream of having at home. Along with the two public indoor areas and stables, this arena can be used, for free, at any time of the day or night by anyone. It is simply lovely.

Riverlodge Equestrian, the brain child of Rafael Sanctuary and Michelle Kenny, is a successful event and show jumping team based (for most of the year) in Co Wexford, Ireland. With a string of over 40 horses between them Raf and Michelle undoubtedly know what makes a good one and with their sights set firmly on the biggest and best international events and shows around the World, I quite literally can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for them…

Spending the Winter in Golegã with 40 horses, they are very much starting as they mean to go on. It is no mean feat moving the whole operation over there but not once have they been deterred. They genuinely aren’t just “here to take part, they are here to take over…”

Recently joining them over there were British Junior Freeski champion turned pony rider, Nathan Connolly and general all round nice guy and 2* rider Louis Westcott. Both boys are over there to train with the team and a blooming good job they are doing with them too – the improvements that I saw from one day to the next were amazing.

The most exciting and recent addition to the RLE string of Swedish rider, Ludwig Svennerstal’s Rio 2016 Olympic partner Aspe earlier this year has only worked to strengthen Michelle’s team and watching her, Raf, Nathan, Louis, RLE work-rider Darragh and Portuguese addition Kiko work the horses under the watchful eye of Heinz Wehrli, ex-Swiss Eventing Team stalwart was wonderful. I am a very lucky girl!

Wonderful pictures by the amazing Pam Cunningham of EquusPix Photography